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A Whisper or a Nudge?

A Whisper or a Nudge

I met a girl online a few weeks back, her name is Frances. I saw that she attended a church I pass frequently driving through Huntsville; it’s called The Rock Family Worship Center. I don’t know anything about their mission or staff, other than they are non-denominational but every time I drive by, I feel like I am being called into that place. Does that make sense? When it comes to God, anything is possible and I’ve heard how He works in the sense of getting His will done.

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Good Little Girls Don’t Behave This Way

Warning: The following story may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Kerri Bishop-Reece 2 yrs old

Praying daily is one of the steps on my ten steps to healing me list. My first thought was “this won’t be so painful,” but then I had a flashback of me so many years ago. A little, sweet-faced four-year old girl, following my mother down the stairs.

What had I done wrong? I didn’t want him to do those dirty things to me. I didn’t understand. Why was I such a bad girl? I was just so scared and couldn’t stop crying. What was wrong with me?

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Ten Steps To Healing Me


I’ve been thinking a lot about that list, the Top Ten list that I wrote about earlier. I find myself overwhelmed after evaluating my life. How in the world did I even get here? I feel as if I have back stepped in a lot of ways over the last ten years.

I’ve not spoke with my birth mother, my brother or my father’s sons in years so they are no longer an issue but I still feel like I have so much to sort out in my life, in my heart and in my head. Stuff I was sure I had sorted out already. Continue reading Ten Steps To Healing Me