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Peyton in the Ring

I want to thank everyone for all of their phone calls and for keeping Peyton, my family and the doctors in their prayers. During his recovery Peyton was given medicine to put him in a paralytic state and he was put on a breathing machine because he was having such a hard time doing things on his own. His lungs and chest cavity filled with fluid and his body was struggling to adjust to the new amount of blood flow so the doctors wanted him to just rest and heal.

Yesterday our little “POWERHOUSE” Peyton was moved out of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and placed in Pediatrics. He is doing well on his
own without the tubes and he is off of the breathing machine.

Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers.

Surgery for Peyton

Hello everyone. Peyton’s second-stage heart by-bass surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning at the main UAB hospital. This surgery is known as the Glenn procedure and it is to get more oxygen rich blood from his lungs to his body. Our little POWERHOUSE is doing exceptionally well but will still need our prayers. This surgery will not be as traumatic on his body as the Norwood surgery was but this will still be a step back for him and again it will take him a good amount of time to recover so please ask God to be with our little guy tomorrow and through his recovery in the days to come.

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Peyton’s Next Surgery


Hello everyone. I have attached two new pictures of our little fighter “Powerhouse” Peyton. He now weighs in at 9lbs. 2oz. The heart surgeon will be doing a heart Catheter on him on the 18 of November to assure that everything is functioning as planned and his second heart bi-pass surgery (the Glenn) is scheduled for November 28th. Continue reading Peyton’s Next Surgery

PowerHouse Peyton – 14 Weeks After Fight


Good morning everyone. Just a quick update on Peyton. At 14 weeks old today, our little fighter weighs in at 6lbs 6oz now and he is 20 inches long. The doctors say that he is small but really he’s not far from being bigger than me. :O) Continue reading PowerHouse Peyton – 14 Weeks After Fight

PowerHouse Peyton – 11 Weeks After Winning the Fight


Good morning everyone. I want to say thanks to everyone for checking on Peyton with the phone calls and the emails. I have attached some of his latest pictures. He is doing really good, at 11 weeks old, weighing in at 5lbs 10ozs now. Still very tiny, the doctors are looking to do his next surgery (the Glenn) around the Thanksgiving or the Christmas time frame. There isn’t a date set in place yet. Continue reading PowerHouse Peyton – 11 Weeks After Winning the Fight