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Peyton Comes Home

Great news! Great news! Peyton arrived home from the hospital last night around 9:00pm. He is on oxygen some to keep his breathing regulated and he still has a touch of jaundice but he is doing great. We hope to be able to keep him home until his next surgery and if all goes well, we should be able to do that. Please continue to keep Peyton in your prayers. His next surgery (the glenn) will be performed in about three months. If anything happens between now and then, I will let everyone know. There are several of you that contact me weekly and ask about Peyton. Please feel free to continue doing that. I will be glad to give you an update.

All About Peyton

I want to thank everyone again for keeping Peyton in your thoughts and prayers. He didn’t get to come last weekend. I was not surprised because we are told that Peyton is the smallest baby to ever have this surgery and survive. The doctor just doesn’t feel that he is ready to come home at this time.

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An Update on Peyton

Hello everyone. I have received a lot of phone calls this week in regards to my grandson Peyton. I just now got off the phone with my daughter Katelyn and she wanted me to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. She says that God has big plans for her little man and she is extremely grateful for the all the wonderful people that He is putting in our lives. This mean YOU. She wants everyone to know how thankful she is for all of your thoughts and prayers. Peyton, Katelyn and Cory wouldn’t be able to do it without you.

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Peyton’s Blessings

All of your prayers for Peyton flooded through the gates of Heaven yesterday and God handed down another blessing. Just a few hours after I sent you the email regarding Peyton’s critical condition, my daughter, Katelyn called and said the doctors closed up Peyton’s sternum, backed off the paralytic drugs and that Peyton was alert and looking around. I believe God is holding our little Peyton in his arms.

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Update on Peyton

Peyton Douglas 6

The doctors gave Peyton emergency surgery early Tuesday morning for his first heart by-pass. The medicine was taking a toll on him and they couldn’t wait any longer. We were told then that they didn’t expect Peyton to make it. They started working on Peyton at 8am and didn’t finish until 6pm. There were a lot of complications but our little fighter – HE MADE IT!!

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