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Pennies From Heaven

Posted by Rachael on Jan 13, 2013 in In Everything We Do, Real Purpose – Shattered Magazine

Pennies from HeavenLife had never meant more to Kerri than the day her grandson was born!

Surrounded by friends and co-workers at an office party on a warm, sunny day in June, Kerri received an unexpected phone call. It was the phone call that changed her life. She was going to be a grandmother sooner than expected.

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‘What is Love?’ Behind the scenes on WQXD with Special Guest Sandy Hicks

We cover a lot here so keep listening. We mess up, we laugh, we learn, we get distracted, we listen, we talk and we’re sharing some of the deepest part of ourselves in an effort to reach out and help others. We’re not professionals, we are God children, flawed in areas like everyone else, always growing, loving and learning.

I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to share your thoughts and wisdom. We gladly cover any and all topic and we don’t shy away from the real issues that need to be dealt with and addressed every day.

Chop It Ninja Style


I am on a mission! I love to eat fresh vegetables. I put them in everything from salads to soups and even better, I love to sit and eat them, just plain and by the handful. I’ve done this my whole entire life but after being diagnosed with numerous food allergies, including a intolerance to gluten, I’ve had to cut some fruits and vegetables out of my diet and then again eat a lot more of some others – YUM YUM!!!


This had me on a mission to find a good food processor to help with my daily task of chopping what I wanted to eat or add to my recipes.

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