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Forgiveness, a Total Injustice

Forgiveness, a Total Injustice

Warning: The following story may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Some days, the haunting memories of the past are a real struggle. It’s enough to make anyone emotionally constipated. Forgiveness is the last thing that I want to do.. I’d rather vomit in a coffee cup and drink it with my breakfast..

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Get A Job And Keep Your Hands To Yourself!

Dear State of Alabama,

Why is it that those collecting welfare and food stamps don’t have to take a drug test? Why is it that they’re not required to take one (at random) and pass it to receive those benefits?

Oh yes, that new law that you are LOOKING AT PASSING….the one where you will pick a chosen few welfare recipients and drug test them allowing them to fail three times before totally cutting them off. If you cut them off at all. Are you serious?

First off, shouldn’t I << the one footing bill, << the hard-working tax payer, << the one being forced to support those that are not an asset to society, be the one to decide if and when they get cut off? Shouldn’t all of the hard-working tax payers have a say in this?

Let me tell you why this bothers me so much. I came out of a house of torture, filled with nothing but drugs, alcohol and rape and sacrificed to get a college education. I busted my tail, WITHOUT YOUR HAND OUTS or your help, to get a college education. An education that I paid for and earned for the credentials that qualified me for a job that I work every day. A job that I must point out, I had to take and pass a drug test to get and one I have to randomly take and pass a drug test to keep!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind helping others that are in need. I willingly help them all time, I pay my tithes, I volunteer, I run an annual penny drive >>> I help those that are truly in need > those that are truly trying to help themselves.

I have a real problem with is YOU taking money out of my pocket to financially support others that are too lazy to get a job and contribute to society.