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Touch Up, Cover Up, Conceal

Gray away

Gray Away Root Concealer is my new best friend! This stuff is truly fabulous! I have very little gray hair but after using the So Gorgeous Volume Renewing Dry Hair Shampoo for a couple of days, I use the Gray Away Root Concealer to cover up any changes in my hair color and to add a little shine. It’s also great for blending and touch-ups between salon appointments. This stuff is amazing!!

I was actually surprised at how well this root concealer worked and it took very little to give me the results I was looking for.


My natural hair color is a dark brown but I consistently add high lights and low lights and the Gray Away Root Concealer in the color light brown blends everything together perfectly and gives an added touch of shine on the days I need it.


I love the fact that it doesn’t take much to get the results that I want and it doesn’t feel sticky or stiff, make my scalp itch, come off on my hands or get on my clothes. I also love that it doesn’t come off on furniture or sheets and it washes out easily.


It’s super easy to use and has advantages that totally make it worth the $9.99 it cost. I don’t use this root concealer everyday but close to it and this little can gives a whole lot of application making it last a good while. You can also  order it online HERE as some of the colors are only available on line.


Another plus is that the nozzle is small, enabling you to spray it just where you want it so it applies quick and easy and covers beautifully.


If you are looking for a root touch up, give Gray Away a try, this product definitely fits a busy lifestyle.



– Hold the container about a foot away from hair section when spraying.

– A little goes a long way, you really don’t need much.

– It works best if you layer it, moving can back and forth as you spray.

Gray away all colors

A Blast from the Past


Just about every year for the 4th of July, I jump in my car and drive thirteen hours to my home town in Pennsylvania, to spend a week with my cousin Joe and his family. Having done this for the last fifteen years, I’d have to say that this year’s trip, even though cut short, was one of the most exciting because it came with a blast from the past as I met up with some childhood friends I haven’t seen since the sixth grade.

I’d already seen their pictures on the social sites we’re connected through but I would have recognized them anywhere because they haven’t changed a bit.  

Jana with her spunky self can still make me laugh like she did on the school bus every day and Debbie with her sweet spirit is still laughing right along with us. We had so much fun, if it had rained, I believe we’d have just started dancing.   

A Blast from the Past

We took a trip and spent the day walking around Rice’s Market in New Hope, PA and then rode over to Peddler’s Village where we ate some lunch and did a whole lot more shopping and believe it or not, none of us bought shoes!!!

I cannot wait to visit and vacation with them again, hopefully one day soon at the beach!

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