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Who Told You That?

Who told you that?

I love to reblog post that really touch and inspire me, promoting the authors and reaching out to others but my site does not make reblogged post look appealing, It simply shows the title with a sentence that says reblogged with a link. I don’t want to stop reblogging the awesome stuff you all share so I am reblogging inside my own post so your words get read and your sites get visited because I want others to be as touched by your words as I have been.
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Chicken Noodle Soup with Gluten-Free Goodness

Chicken Noodle Soup

Who doesn’t love a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup? Especially one with lots and lots of noodles. This is a recipe I put together years ago when I was on a soup kick. Today, I love all things that I can throw in a crock pot or huge kettle for a flavorful taste. I freeze each delicious dish in single serving containers and grab one out for lunch everyday so I have something, not only delicious, but healthy to fuel my body.

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Lean Sloppy Joe

Everyone loves a tasty sloppy joe, even the pickiest of children will scarf down a sloppy Joe and ask for seconds, myself included because they are truly a treat for me.  I really enjoy them but I also want to feel good about what I’m eating and I want it to be healthy for my body. I want all the delicious, messy, sweetness of a sloppy joe minus the refined sugars, additives and the list of other ingredients found on labels that most of us can’t pronounce so I put together my own delightful recipe years ago and I’m craving today so now I’m sharing with you. I use gluten-free ingredients to keep things wholesome but feel free to use the name brand of your choice. You won’t be disappointed.

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Cleaning Floors In Half The Time

Rubbermaid Reveal
Reveal 1

I love the Rubbermaid Reveal

I was in the market for a spray mop that would not only do a good job getting my floors clean but one that would allow me to use my own cleaner. Then I was out and about one day and spotted the Rubbermaid Reveal and, after reading the label, got super excited about the possibilities and the $20 cost.

This handheld blessing has totally cut my mopping time in half.

With the exception of our bedrooms and bathrooms, we have hardwood floors throughout our house and this makes for super easy cleaning going from room to room. > Doing a little dance here <

Another reason I love it is because it allows me to use the cleaning product of my choice, which enables me to customize the clean for each floor surface in my home so it’s great for the tile in the bathrooms and not just my hardwoods. Yeah Yeah!

Even the spray span is very impressive and the microfiber pad. It really had my floors sparkling clean in no time. The cushioned handle is even great. Check it out for yourself. This mop will be in our home for years to come.

A Few Tips:

– Remove blue foam at base of bottle when you pull it out of the box and put it together. It’s a part of the packaging but blends right in and prevents the unit from working properly if not removed.

–  If it stops spraying: (This may happen if the cleaner you’re using is thick) 1). Run the tip of the bottle under warm water (one minute) before inserting into the mop. 2). Fill the bottle with hot water and “prime” the mop by pulling the trigger 5-10 times to pump the solution through to clear any clog that may be present.

Find out more about the product HERE.