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From Dad’s Stash To Father’s Grace

Warning: The following story may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

It all started for me in the mid 80’s at a young age. It was all innocent enough. My neighborhood friend found his dad’s stash of Playboys and he showed them to me. Continue reading From Dad’s Stash To Father’s Grace

Share Your Testimony – Give Others Hope

Even before the launch of the Coffee & Christ show, Kerri Chronicles was receiving emails from individuals just sharing their testimony. It wasn’t only healing to them as they wrote it; it was healing to me as I read it.    Continue reading Share Your Testimony – Give Others Hope

We’re Talking Worship

If you know Jeremy Armstrong personally or have watched him on the Coffee & Christ show, you know that he knows how to get his worship on, not just for him but for YOU as well. He believes concretely and takes his relationship with God to the deepest level and it’s something that he encourages everyone to do. Check out what he says here about Worship and how it affects everyone in life, whether sharing or receiving. Is there anything that you can add to this conversation?  

My Living Attempt

This was posted by my friend Caitlin on October 22, 2013 on her site What Was Left Behind.

This is testimony of her attempt to take her own life. I wasn’t startled by the fact that she considered herself an atheist and I wasn’t shocked by the roller coaster of mood swings that she wrote about. Honestly, I could, at one time, relate.

I wasn’t surprised at the handful of the drugs she consumed or the wine she washed them all down with and I wasn’t shocked, reading about the hours she spent throwing up all the toxins she so willingly fed her body.

I could relate to all of it. I could also relate to the grip that Satan and the world had on her life.

But what you will find in this story is so more than an atheist. It’s more than mood swings, drugs, suicide and vomit. What you will find is a desperate girl, a non-believer, on her knees, with a thread of hope in her hands and remnant of a prayer under her breath. What you will find is a girl, that God kissed life into, even though she’d never ever considered him before.

Continue reading My Living Attempt