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This is a post By The Rethinkers that I really enjoyed while reading on Mindseat today.  What an awesome read this is. Don’t just check it out here; check out the Mindseat website for more reads of enjoyment and inspiration.

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Halloween & Why I Don’t Celebrate

While Halloween does include fun with friends and family, it is a pagan/satanic holiday. These gatherings are centered around attributes, such as witchcraft, death, deceit and fright, which are opposing to God.

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Organize Your Appliance Cords and Much Much More

Finding a place to store all of our appliances in the kitchen is not a hard task, but organizing the cords and keeping them from tangling together can be. I used to roll them up and put a rubber band around them or bend half the cord and wrap the other half around itself until it was all knotted together but then I was introduced to the idea of using Velcro and found it to not only be useful for storing appliance cords but also a brilliant solution for other every day problems.

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They Made It Across the Red Sea

I want to give a big shout out to my friend Steven Saywer who posted this on October 22, 2013. What a great read for me first thing this morning, reminding me how precious our days are, to be thankful for them and to never look at our blessings as burdens.

Don’t just read it here, please take the time to check out Steven’s site For His Glory where you are sure to find little goodies just like the post below to keep you refreshed and inspired.  

They Made It Across the Red Sea

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Breaking up with family…

I want to thank Behind the Mask of Abuse for this post written October 22, 2013.

This post really hit close to home with me because of the years I spent struggling with my own mother before finally walking away and severing all contact with her.

As individuals we are spiritually tied, woven in every fiber of our beings as daughters, sisters, mothers, sons, father, husbands and wives. We are connected as family and there isn’t supposed to be a gap.

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