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This is a man’s world… (And I’m sick of it)

Trigger warning: Mention of sexual abuse and sexism.

I wasn’t going to post this, I was going to keep my feministic thoughts to myself and I would post other things. My friends would be my outlet for my feminism. But last week something happened to me, something not so major, it hasn’t left scars or anything but it made me think about how normal things like that are becoming and how abnormal that is.

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Farmer’s Pie

When I was little my mother, Cheryl made a dish that she called Chinese pie and I loved it! It was a bit different from this, as it included ground beef, creamed corn and mashed potatoes but this Farmers pie is twice as good because it is not only healthier, it taste ten times better! Serves 6-8

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“No” Is Not Easy

www.kerrichronicles.comThis is a fabulous, inspiring post by my brother, Stuart Lee Tutt. This applies to anything in life really. Addiction is not just drugs, alcohol, food and pornography. Addiction is lying (to yourself and others), cheating (adultery or otherwise) stealing, playing video games, sex, shopping, etc……..Addiction is anything done in excess.

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Overcoming My Struggle with Pornography

Warning: The following story may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

My exposure to pornography began in 4th grade. We just moved into a new house in a nice subdivision of our tiny Iowa hometown. I first noticed magazines with pictures of naked girls in our bathroom. We had a magazine racks with National Geographic, Popular Mechanics, American Legion, and girly magazines. Continue reading Overcoming My Struggle with Pornography

From Addiction to Redemption

We were so glad to have Sandy Russell Hicks join us for Coffee and share her testimony. Sandy holds her head up high today, allowing God to lead her every step. Her journey has been amazing and she’s come along way,  overcoming a drug addiction to, now, teaching and helping others. Share this post to inspire those in need. It’s always the littlest things that make the greatest difference.