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Fear of Faith

I love what Steven Sawyer of For His Glory wrote here on October 14, 2013. God truly does have a plan tailor made for each of our lives! Don’t sit back and let Satan turn the heat on in your life. Fight back by turning to God with your needs and then trusting that He will provide. Continue reading Fear of Faith

The Treatment of Homosexuals In Our Society

I want to thank fellow blogger, Garrett Crawford for this fantastic post. It’s very important that we all recognize that no one sin is greater than the other and the best way to show a sinner a better way of life is to love them and set an example through our actions. Love is contagious so lets spread it around. Let’s make a difference for the good.

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Immediate Prayer Needed

Warning: The following story may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Monday, April 15, the day Justin and I had been anxiously awaiting was finally here. This day we would find out if we were having Anna Katherine or William Franklin. It did not take long before the ultrasound tech told us, “It’s a Boy!” Through our excitement Justin and I did not realize that the ultrasound was taking longer than it should. The tech eventually told us that she could not get a good measurement of William’s heart. My doctor told us not to be concerned until we get a better image. At this point we were referred to Dr. Gonzalez, a prenatal diagnostician, at Brookwood in Birmingham.  

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Hot Chocolate – Homemade, Healthy & Dairy Free

A cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter night is a pretty wonderful thing and a favorite for most, especially the children, so we need to keep this tasty drink healthy and allergy free for everyone in the family to enjoy. (Makes 2 Healthy Cups)

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Causes of Rape

A little rant from Shedding Light on Darkness, a fellow blogger I love to follow. There are a lot of great points in this article. It’s ridiculous to think that rape is caused by a short skirt and even more ridiculous to blame the victim for the act. If short skirts cause rape then all men should be required to wear blinders around their eyes when out in public.

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