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Crockpot Stuffed Peppers

This traditional dish is great in the slow cooker and super delicious for a hearty meal all year round but especially on a cold winter night or in the summer when tomatoes and peppers are fresh from the garden and super sweet to eat. Add some homemade ketchup if you like or eat them straight from the crock-pot, either way you and your family will love them. Serves 6. Enjoy!

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Sex is Like Glue

This is a fantastic article posted by fellow blogger . Waiting for marriage to have sex is the truly one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Sex is like glue
Sex is like super human glue. God never intended for humans to have multiple sexual partners. Instead He designed and created our bodies, souls, minds and spirits to be sexually bonded for life with one partner in marriage. “But what’s the big deal?” you may be asking, “It’s only sex. How does breaking one relationship and moving on to another have anything to do with my mind, body, soul or spirit?” And why is it so important to save sex for marriage?

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How Homelessness Happens

Warning: The following story may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

This morning at about 3:30am I was at a gas station talking to the guy who worked there when a lady came in to get some hot coffee. I started talking to this lady and after getting to know her I found out she was living on the streets (which was almost obvious because of what she was wearing).  Normally some one wouldn’t talk to a lady who looked like she did and I could tell by her urge to talk to me. I could tell life didn’t really play in her favor. I could tell by talking to her she had made a few bad decisions that stuck her there (not that I can judge because I don’t know her) I talked to this lady for at least 30 minutes because I didn’t have anywhere to be and she didn’t have anywhere to go.

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Ranting About the Big ‘R’

This is post I stumbled up on the site Writing at the Top of My Lungs. As a victim myself, it infuriates me when questions like, “why didn’t you tell,” “why didn’t you tell someone else,” “why didn’t you escape” or “why didn’t you call the police” with a look on their face as if they know best in a situation they have never lived. Or maybe they have lived one of their own but they haven’t lived yours and they haven’t lived mine. It was a different time and a different place with different people and different situations with different happening so it’s insulting to ask these questions to someone who has been a victim of rape, at any age. These questions are so insulting, in fact, that when they are asked in such a judgmental fashion, such as the story below, it makes those asking them – Well let’s just say it shows their true colors. Colors that lack compassion and live in judgment, placing blame on the victims. Colors that, if I had to guess, will one day learn them a hard lesson. Maybe not on earth but for sure in Heaven because it’s just not as cut and dry or black and white as so many people would like to think. Every situation is different and we have been through enough trauma, we don’t need others to traumatize us further with their judgment and careless questions.

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Journey through Autism

Warning: The following story may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Heath was officially diagnosed with High Functioning Autism around 20mo but I ‘just knew’ by 13 mo when I saw him sitting in the driveway, spinning leaves. I was in denial for 4-6 mo until I realized he had stopped talking. He had in-home early intervention until age 3 and began pre-school then which continued for 3 yrs because of his late birthday. He was able to enter main stream kindergarten and is now making high grades in 2nd grade. Continue reading Journey through Autism