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Embracing Intimacy with God

Intimacy with God……….what is it and how is it attained? There are so many methods, and sometimes it truly seems hard to accomplish. Check out this episode of the Coffee & Christ show as Brother Fred and I go over what we’ve learned.


I am perfect in my flaws. $#@! what society says!

This is a fantastic article written by When Will The Universe Stop Staring. Check out her site. If the rest of her post are anything like this one, you’ll want to read more.

You’re fat!

So I starved myself every night just to lose the extra pounds and fit into skinny-type jeans everyone was wearing.

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www.kerrichronicles.comSince launching the Testimony Road section of Kerri Chronicles, we’ve received emails from individuals struggling to sort out where they’ve been and what they’ve been through.

Sometimes they want to be heard. Other times, they are seeking insight or advice but most importantly they are fighting to make sense, of the emotions, that they truly do not understand.

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One of Life’s Hardest Lessons

I loved this post by Butch Dean of the Wordsmith’s Desk. Our words are very powerful and can truly make a difference in the lives of others. This is an awesome analogy of why we must always think before we speak.

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Crockpot Vegetable Soup

I love a nice big bowl of homemade vegetable soup. It’s the best way to get all the veggies you need in one delicious dish. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy this, add some cooked ground beef or turkey and your meat lovers will be glad to join you at the table. And soup is great for freezing so make a big batch now and freeze half to eat later. Enjoy! (Serves 8 to 10) 

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