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Love this poem written by Mind’s Seat. Check out their site, you’ll find lots of interesting reads there.

I’m shaking at the prospect
Of trying to deny
My need of certain gimmicks
To make my time pass by
I gaze at sites like E-Bay
Perusing all they’ve got
if I had my fleshly way
I’d go and buy the lot.
Self control is difficult
It’s something I should learn
Just to live within my means
My money not to burn
Store your treasure up above
A cheerful giver be
Peace will reign inside your heart
Just you wait and see.

We’re Talking Patience

How do you practice patience?
Do you struggle with it or is patience one of your best qualities? The lessons we learn from patience will cultivate our character, lift our lives, and heighten our happiness.

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Truths I’ve Learned: A Message To You

Just for YouI’m not sure who you are reading this today and I’m not sure what hard blows life has dealt you but I am sure of one thing, God cares about everything you are going through and He wants to remind you, not just now but every time you read this that He loves you dearly, not in the “I love you when you get it all right” sense, He loves you; all of you – messes, mistakes, fears and all. He love you and I do too!

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Out of the Darkness into the Light

Bullied, beaten, neglected and raped, Lisa Long’s walk in the world would never be the same.  Join us in watching this weeks episode of the Coffee & Christ show as Lisa shares with us the struggles she’s fought  to overcome and how turning her life over to God gave her the peace that she so desperately needed.

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DIY: Free-Standing Rustic Chalkboard Labels & Tags

DIY: Free-Standing Rustic Chalkboard Labels & Tags

We had several dishes, desserts and drinks at our last dinner party and we wanted our guest to know what was on the menu without them having to ask so I sat down and made these unique free-standing chalk boards to label everything and then some adorable little tags for the drink glasses and mugs.

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