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What are the Foods on the Paleo Diet?

So, what does the paleo diet consist of? What is on the Paleo Diet Food List?

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Speaking Life Into Autism

Are you familiar with autism? Do you know anyone that suffers? Jeannie Wilbourn shares with us the story of her sons struggle, the ups and down of everyday living and how God saw them through it all. Watch this weeks edition of the Coffee & Christ show, share with us your story, encourage others, raise awareness but most importantly make a difference around the world.

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Crockpot Brunswick Stew

Having so many food allergies, I am forced to make everything I eat which is can be time-consuming but on more than one occasion, this crockpot Brunswick stew recipe has saved the day and WOW talk about being loaded with flavor! I’ve made it for large crowds when we’ve all gotten together and I’ve made it for just family and every time it gets rave reviews.

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Spiritual Leaders of the Family

Attention Parents: This is for you. Join us for this weeks episode of the Coffee & Christ show as we discuss what it takes to be the spiritual leader of your family. Stuart makes a lot of great points here, you don’t want to miss this!

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