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A Green & Gold Affair

It's a Green and Gold Affair

Like a favorite plaid shirt, this juice of many colors is also full of many vitamins, like A, B, C and D; keeping your body balanced and on track..

2 to 3 Ice Cubes
1/2 ripe Gala Apple, cored & cut into chunks
1/2 small Orange, peeled & segmented
1/4 cup Collard Greens, roughly torn & packed (or use any mixed greens)
1/4 cup Water

Place all of the ingredients in a blender (We use the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770) and blend until smooth. For a smoother drink, you may want to strain this juice but you’ll get more benefits by drinking it without straining first.

Here is another delicious drink recipe: 
Gluten-Free Hot Chocolate – Homemade, Healthy & Dairy Free

Shocking Facts About the Calendar

Facts About the Calendar

The calendar has come into conversation a lot, just in researching the history of the Easter holiday so it’s been on my mind. During my research and over the last couple of years I’ve been told by many friends and associates, including some that are leaders in the church, that the calendar is different today than it was in the day that the Ten Commandments were given, so wanting details, I did a little research and learned some truly shocking facts about the calendar.

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Coconut Date Balls

Coconut Date BallsHere’s the recipe y’all have been asking me to share. These are a great treat if you need something sweet without the guilt. Only three ingredients so it doesn’t get any healthier, tastier, or any easier. I super love these fresh out of the refrigerator. They freeze well too! (Serves 12)

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Biodegradable Urns That Will Turn You Into A Tree After You Die

I want to be a tree in my next lifeI love this concept! And considering the costs of a funeral urn, this price isn’t so bad! What I’d like to see are several seed choices rather than just pine. Pine trees are usually the first trees to be cut down. How about some flowering trees such as magnolia. I’d love to be a magnolia! Maybe charge a little extra to upgrade to a different seed choice. I’d be willing to pay a little more to get what I want to be beautiful flowering tree after death.

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There was Blood Everywhere!

There was blood everywhere

After my mother died, I spent about a year, at my father’s house, helping him with renovations. Day and night, we wore ourselves out painting, laying tile, pulling up carpets, scraping windows, and adding bathrooms, before we found ourselves completely exhausted and wanting nothing more than a good nights sleep.

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