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When Bitterness Bites

We shouldn’t be living our lives scarred, or playing victim. What’s important is that we judge ourselves first and make the necessary changes within ourselves and in our lives to live everyday to the fullest, surrounded by those that we love and look up to.


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Child Sex Trafficking In the Church

Child Sex Trafficking in the Church

Jimmy Hinton share with us, Amber Lyon, who did a great documentary a few years back called Child Sex Trafficking on the Internet–”Selling the Girl Next Door.” Take time to watch it. This is a must watch. She talks firsthand with the Johns who were caught buying underage girls for sex. She also speaks with young girls being trafficked. Underage girls are being sold for sex every day by the thousands on I’ve checked out myself and there is no hiding it. It took me less than 30 seconds to find hundreds of young girls for sale.


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Plantain Bites

Plantation BitesPlantains are new to my diet and I was hooked after the first bite! These little treats are fantastically flavorful. They take a little bit to put together but are definitely worth it. You can bake the plantains verses frying them if you prefer. You can also top them with fresh cilantro to add a bit more flavor. I’ve tried them both ways and yum yum yum! Makes approximately 30 truly, all natural , super delicious bites that all of your friends will enjoy. Continue reading Plantain Bites

Christian Complacency

Original Air Date September 30, 2013

Jeremy Armstrong shares another fabulous topic with us. Check out what he says about Christian Complacency in our every day lives. What can you add to this?

How to Press on in Uncertain Times

Brother Fred really hits a home run with this show. Not only does he always bring in the fun but WOW he loaded us up with a great topic and made some excellent points. There are truly two kingdoms in operation — the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. All ideas, beliefs, and methods of operation fall under one of these categories; there is no gray area here. Join us on this week’s episode of the Coffee & Christ show and get encouraged as we break it down and keep it real.


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