A Whisper or a Nudge?

A Whisper or a Nudge

I met a girl online a few weeks back, her name is Frances. I saw that she attended a church I pass frequently driving through Huntsville; it’s called The Rock Family Worship Center. I don’t know anything about their mission or staff, other than they are non-denominational but every time I drive by, I feel like I am being called into that place. Does that make sense? When it comes to God, anything is possible and I’ve heard how He works in the sense of getting His will done.

It nice getting to know her and talking with her since I am basically new to Huntsville. I’ve worked here for seven years and have many friends at work but I live 45 minutes outside of the city so I don’t really know much about the area or anyone outside of work.

I’ve been praying daily, giving thanks and asking God for a few key things, a new church home is one of them so I have to believe that the feeling I have each time I pass The Rock Family Worship Center is a whisper from God or maybe it’s a nudge since now I find Frances in my life.

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