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Public Speaker, Talk Show Host, Sexual Assault Advocate, Published Author, Software Test Engineer, Social Justice Wanna-be, Mother, Wife, Nana, Health and Fitness Enthusiast and Master of None ………

I’m just Kerri. I’m not famous, well-known or even recognized for anything special. I just have a lot of thoughts that inspire me and found this to be a good way to share and gain wisdom from others.

I like to keep my life simple, passing time with a good book or doing research on whatever topic draws me in ….. I am too focused for my own good really ….. reading and writing being what I love but more important than that, I love to learn.

There are so many things that pique my interest and my desire is to truly master them all – I’m incredibly driven – but instead, I force myself to focus on just a few and really just master being me, painting the world around me for the good, seeking sunshine through the rain, working daily to make a difference, if only through my words.

Pain in life is inevitable but suffering, I believe is optional and it’s something I choose not to do. There’s a testimony HERE if you’re interested but it’s truly not about me, it’s about how my experience can encourage, help and support others. It’s about finding the good in every experience –learning the lessons and most importantly, passing them on.

Overtime, I will go through my old journals and post my personal writings about my struggles in healing, the need to rebuild my life and my journey through it all. You can read them HERE but start from the very first post to get the full story.

I hope you find this site enjoyable, informative and educational as I share with you the things that I am most passionate about, growing and learning in life. Please take the time to browse around, read my posts, (share with wild abandonment if you wish) and even leave your comments—I welcome your thoughts and ideas.

I often times lead and then I sometimes follow, but I make every experience worthwhile and I find that laughter is the best medicine on the worst of the worst days.

Happiness for me is being a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, an aunt and a friend while entertaining myself as a volunteer, a public speaker, a talk show host (check out the Coffee & Christ show HERE), a software test engineer and a health and fitness enthusiast.

I am not formally trained in psychology, psychiatry or any mental health discipline; I am just a woman who chose to overcome the odds, rise above, live, learn, and love life. Thank you for visiting. I’d love to hear from you, please feel free to shoot me an email with any questions that you may have. Your emails will remain private.

Thank you again for stopping by, and be sure to visit again soon!



55 thoughts on “ABOUT KERRI

    1. Thank you, Bryan. We have met before but it has been awhile. I hope you are well.

      1. No worries, Bryan. I don’t stop by your site everyday but I do stop by. I enjoy reading your articles.

    1. Thank you so much Ginger. What a blessing you are to leave me a message I will forever treasure. I was actually a little sad this morning and this, my friend, was the perfect pick me up! All the best to you and big cyber hugs!

  1. Thank you for stopping in and liking my blog. I will have to spend some time on yours looking at the gluten free recipes. I am GF too. Love new yummy ideas. Meghan

  2. SMILE you’ve been TAGGED! I know you have several awards but I find your blog deserving and so…you have been nominated for 2 Awards: The WordPress Family Award & The Best Moment Award. Congratulations! Kindly check my page at for more information on accepting these awards. http://wp.me/p3ia4v-in

    Whispering Insights aka Oliana Kim

  3. Thanks Kerri for visiting and following “deepakdheer”. Your thoughts are vibrating with mine when you say, “You are stronger than you Think.” Keep going..

  4. Hi Kerri…..thanks for stopping by “Unwalled” and deciding to follow; I am truly honored. i pray that the Lord will use my posts to bless your life in some way in 2013 and beyond.

  5. Wonderful blog, I love what I’ve read here on your blog. What a graceful encouragement you’re being to others, as well as, myself. Looking forward to reading more great blog post from you, Kerri. God bless.

  6. I love your name! In fact it is the name of the main character in the current book I am writing! Glad I wandered in and met ya! Can’t wait to read more!

    1. AWESOME! Thank you so much. I was suppose to be a boy at birth but God had other plans for my fathers heart and delivered him a big ole’ surprise with me :O) Gotta love His sense of humor! I can’t wait to read your book!

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