All About Peyton

I want to thank everyone again for keeping Peyton in your thoughts and prayers. He didn’t get to come last weekend. I was not surprised because we are told that Peyton is the smallest baby to ever have this surgery and survive. The doctor just doesn’t feel that he is ready to come home at this time.

They are still monitoring him closely and they want him to be able to eat the full amount required, every three hours, consistently and keep it down before they look at the possibly of sending him home. He is gaining weight and on Tuesday we were told that our little fighter weighed in at 5lbs. 6ozs.

Tuesday was the first night that I was able to kiss his little face. He is doing really well. At this time he is only on oxygen. He does have a bad case of jaundice so they ran a test on his liver. I have not heard the results yet. If you remember, the medicine that Peyton was on to keep him alive (prostaglandin) prevented liver function so we are told that it is common for a baby to have jaundice once the liver starts functioning on its own. Again as things progress I will keep you all posted.

He is still in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit and when he is awake, he lets you know it. I heard him cry for the first time and his lungs didn’t sound like they were having any trouble belting out all that noise. Hopefully, I will get to hold him soon and tell him more about his friends and family and all of his other blessings.

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