An Inheritance for Your Children……REALLY???

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An Inheritance for Your Children……REALLY???

~On National Public Radio (NPR) yesterday, a lot of time was spent discussing a serious problem many young people are facing here in the States; graduating college with massive student loan debt and no job prospects.

What’s a young person to do? You spend all of your young life doing what you’re told;

–) You graduate high school with good grades

–) You don’t smoke dope

–) You don’t wear baggy jeans

–) You go to college and earn a four year degree

Then as soon as you take the cap and gown off and step out into the adult world……..all of that schooling has hurt you! You’re now overwhelmed in student loan debt and the only job you can find is serving coffee at Tim Hortons.

But, this post isn’t about young people….it’s about their parents, it’s about their uncles and aunts, it’s about you and me.

If we are going to be honest about the economic situation all across Europe and the America’s then I believe we need to begin looking at life a little bit differently than we used to.

I’ve mentioned before my admiration for various ethnic groups who have immigrated to here in the U.S. and who work together in building a future for their families. And I’m wondering……perhaps it’s time that we begin doing that for each other.

A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children – Proverbs 13:22

When most of us think about inheritances I suspect we think of rich people. We think of men and women who have storehouses of money and leave oodles of it to their undeserving child named Chaz or Tatum……

But an inheritance doesn’t have to be an outrageous amount…does it?

–) Perhaps it is teaching our children a trade that they could fall back on if college doesn’t work out (electrician, carpenter, etc)

–) Perhaps it means letting our adult children live at home with us and pooling our money together until we all save up enough money together to buy them a house

–) Perhaps it means helping out our nephews and nieces

–) Perhaps it means letting our younger adult siblings move in with us so we can help them save money

I know of a couple people who let their younger siblings move in with them and haven’t charged them rent because they want to help their siblings get a good start on life.

I know of an uncle who let his 22 year old nephew move in and doesn’t charge him rent; he encourages the nephew to save as much money to buy a house.

I’m not a crazy capitalist and I’m also not a crazy communist. I’m a moderate that falls in the middle of many economic and political issues. But I am a firm believer in working together and searching for solutions because I believe it’s up to you and me to make our lives better.

Last week a kind reader used a phrase I’ve been thinking about quite a bit; “The Cult of Individualism” We who live in the Western World became so used to the affluence that many of us experienced in varying forms that individualism was a central tenant of our lives; “we don’t need anyone else we just need ourselves and we will succeed in the world” is what many of us thought.

But when our whole economic world came crashing down in 2008 the tables turned……it no longer matters if you have a college degree, it no longer matters if you are a hard worker, it no longer matters if you are an honest person……..

As a Christian who has children, I think about that verse from Proverbs quite a bit. What kind of inheritance can I leave my children? I’m not a millionaire; I don’t have gold and silver buried in my backyard. Yet nonetheless, I want to do what I can to help them have the best chance at a successful, peaceful, and joyful life.

I don’t want to put my faith in a the college system because there is no guarantee that young men and women who graduate college will have a job waiting for them…… doesn’t mean we should shirk of college entirely. But it does mean we should have a proper perspective to this new world we are all living in.

I don’t want to subscribe to the cult of individualism.

I don’t want to teach my children that it’s entirely up to them to forge their way through this world.

I don’t want to live on my little island and pretend that everything is wonderful on the main land.

Ultimately, I want to embrace the things I love about our culture, and set aside the things I don’t care for; and I believe it’s time to slowly begin moving away from the cult of individualism.

10 thoughts on “An Inheritance for Your Children……REALLY???

  1. I’m a young mom and I’m still struggling to pay back my students loans and I’ve ask myself this question many times before. What will I leave my children if i can barely provide for them because I’m too busy trying to make a comeback from this economic downfall while still trying to pay back all my loans but as you said I realized that all I can inherit to them is wisdom and to me that’s way more important than any item i could ever leave them.

  2. I tell people they earned it and they have the right to spend it how they see fit. I’ve seen to many fights over estates. The one with my brother started almost 5 years ago over my dads.

      1. This thing with my older brother is stupid. He doesn’t need to money. His wife is a senior vice -president for MasterCard. Their children are all grown. My dad didn’t make me the executor of his estate because he was afraid that my brother and I would get into it. He was right. My brother is a thief. We would have gotten into it but it would have been settled. My dad will have been gone 5 years this Halloween.

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