An Update on Peyton

Hello everyone. I have received a lot of phone calls this week in regards to my grandson Peyton. I just now got off the phone with my daughter Katelyn and she wanted me to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. She says that God has big plans for her little man and she is extremely grateful for the all the wonderful people that He is putting in our lives. This mean YOU. She wants everyone to know how thankful she is for all of your thoughts and prayers. Peyton, Katelyn and Cory wouldn’t be able to do it without you.

Peyton wants everyone to know that:
Today, they removed his ventilator and he has been breathing totally on his own for the last three hours. They also removed his feeding tube and plan to start bottle feeding him. He is very excited about this even though he doesn’t know anything about eating. No worries, though, he is up for the challenge.


ith his chest and his stitches healing up nicely and the bruising and swelling just about gone, Peyton will only be on medication to help with his blood pressure and some antibiotics to help clear up any infection. He was given a little bit of blood today because his blood pressure was low but this is nothing serious and they will be moving him back to the neonatal intensive care soon.

I am going to see Peyton on Sunday and if possible, I will take some more pictures of him so I will have some to send to everyone. Also I will kiss his little face for you and tell him just how much he is loved.

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