After having a routine mammogram this week, I was told that my right breast contained calcium deposits and a cyst and that a biopsy was scheduled for me immediately this Friday, August 17, 2012 at 8:45am.

With that I started doing research so I knew what to expect and could mentally prepare and this is what I learned outside of what the doctor has already told me.

What to Expect During a Biopsy:
My breast will be given a local anesthetic, so I should not feel anything other than some pressure. My breast will be numbed, and I will be positioned for a stereotactic mammography, which is laying facing down on a table that resembles a massage table only it has two holes located where your breast will be positioned for easy access.

Some compression will be used to keep my breast still. The doctor will take several images. A small cut will be made in on my breast for a needle to enter. The doctor uses the images to guide the needle inside my breast to the targeted area of the calcium deposits and then the cyst. As each spot is found, more images are taken to confirm that the needle is in the right place. Fluid or tissue will then be collected for examination using suction or special blades.

After they collect the samples they need, the needle will be removed. A final set of images will then be taken and a small marker may be placed at the site so that it can be located in the future if necessary.

Pressure will then be applied to stop any bleeding from the opening and they will bandage up the area. No sutures should be needed and the procedure should be complete within an hour.

Uggggg……Now, I have a very high pain threshold, I had a baby naturally, no drugs or epidurals – nothing I just gave birth the old school way and never worried, fretted or gave it a second thought. However, this biopsy thing is different for me because the thought of a needle being inserted into my breast, makes me cringe and want to throw up all at that same time. I just cannot get past the thought.

Each day I look at ways I can change and grow. I ask myself, “How can I be a better person? What do I need to do differently to be the most vibrantly healthy and alive person that I can be?” Each day I take more steps in the direction of greater good, greater vitality, greater physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Each day I embody that which I wish to become. Each day I live in such a way that, when the time comes, I can let go knowing I have done my best to be and do all that I am meant to be and do.

Today, I can’t get past the thought of a needle being inserted into my breast.

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