Canadian Teen Commits Suicide After Alleged Rape, Bullying

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No charges were filed? The young girl suffered at the hands of these boys and then in society and no charges were filed? Am I missing something here?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating her behavior in regards to her drinking vodka underage and consuming way too much. I am also not advocating this young girl being in a place that she shouldn’t have been but come on ………………….the behavior of these four boys was by far worse than her poor decision to have a drink with friends of a friend.

This article does not give the ages of these boys and it doesn’t tell us if they purchased the vodka but what we do know is that they drank with her until she was so drunk and not coherent, at which time one of the boys led her up the stairs where all four of them took turns climbing on top of her – raping her – ripping away at her soul.

Not only did they rape her, they took photos of her being raped and one of her throwing up out a window. They then passed those photos throughout the high school that she attended and in the community where she lived, for everyone to see.

What did everyone do? They blamed her. They blamed the victim. Even those that she considered friends – they shunned her; bullied her and harassed her so terribly that she had to change schools and checked herself into a hospital for a six week period to deal with the impact of it all.

These boys failed her. Her friends failed her. The community failed her but what makes it worse is that the justice system failed her. They not only failed her but they failed the boys as well.

Watching this video tells me that the justice system feels that girls should be mindful of their decision, to learn from their mistakes, and to CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIOR, because boys will be boys. This was not just the response by the justice system that failed to punish these boys, this was the response by all those that shunned, tormented, bullied and tortured this young girl.

Girls can be molded but boys well…………..they are just boys. REALLY?

Girls should indeed look for bad situations and avoid them but boys should also. Our children both male and female need to be taught to be mindful of their surrounding and the people that they keep, not only taking care of themselves but taking care of each other.

I hear all the time, people say, “It wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t worn that mini skirt or those tight jeans.” Statements like this are senseless because there are toddler being sexually molested (molestation is rape) everyday and some of them are still in diapers so it’s not about what you wear or how much you’ve had to drink, it’s about teaching our children to have love and respect for each other so they grow into mature, responsible adults with loving hearts and compassion for others. A short skirt and or a pair of tight jeans is not what causes rape. A person (male or female) not having love and respect for another human  being causes rape.

It’s not “girls need to do this or that” to change themselves – to prevent being raped, it’s about educating the boys too.

The underlying problem is that boys need to be taught how to treat a female, whether conscious or unconscious. We need to teach them to take responsibility – hold them accountable – mold them just as you expect a girl to be molded.

We not only need to teach our children not to lie, cheat, steal and kill, we need to teach them to respect their bodies and to hold themselves to a higher standard in their behavior. This is both boys and girls! This should not only apply to females!

Not having the same standards for both boys and girls is keeping the rape culture alive – it’s accepting that it will always be and that we as a society don’t have the power to change it.

Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him (Proverbs 22:15)

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

4 thoughts on “Canadian Teen Commits Suicide After Alleged Rape, Bullying

  1. This is horrible!! it breaks my heart and is so sad…abuse has to stop along with the bullying…there has to be justice. People that harm others like this seem to continue to get by with their actions…and they play the game as they are the victim….what did this girl do to these boys for them to treat her this way. If they have done this to her they have done this before. The real victim here is the girl….doesn’t matter if she had been drinking or not…she is still the victim. Justice for the sweet young lady…

  2. Hey Lorraine! Thanks for stopping by. This story is truly heartbreaking. As a society we should be stronger than this. How can we expect our world to be good if we don’t do good?

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