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The Penny Lady

Published 5/30/2013 by Qinetiq North Alabama in their Corporate Communications Monthly CEO Message

Kerri Bishop Reece is Software Test Engineer for Defense Solutions in Huntsville, AL. She launched an annual Penny Drive in 2007 to help families in need, which continues to this day.

Her story as the “Penny Lady” is a very good one, but Kerri is much more than “pennies”. In her own words, let’s get to know Kerri Bishop Reece.

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I’ve Had Enough!

I was invited to be on the No More Dirty Television show, hosted by Frederick Whitlow II. I shared my testimony of growing up in a house where I was sexually abused over a period of thirteen years, how I overcame that abuse and how I am helping others today.


How are you making a difference in the world? What lessons have you learned? Are you channeling your energy for the good or are you smothering in your pain?


Lets help others heal from their struggles.

Pennies From Heaven

Posted by Rachael on Jan 13, 2013 in In Everything We Do, Real Purpose
Pennies from Heaven

Life had never meant more to Kerri than the day her grandson was born!

Surrounded by friends and co-workers at an office party on a warm, sunny day in June, Kerri received an unexpected phone call. It was the phone call that changed her life. She was going to be a grandmother sooner than expected.

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God Was There

Posted by on Jan 13, 2013 in Shattered Features

Kerri at 2 years old
Kerri at 2 years old

Nothing in this world seems more brutal, more unfair, and crueler than the abuse of a child.  Whether it’s child trafficking, child hunger, emotional, mental, physical, or sexual abuse, children are the most vulnerable among us.  For any decent human being, the stories of Satan’s work against our children churn our stomachs and fuel our rage.  It also fuels the questions of where is God and why does He allow even the children to suffer so?  If you have not faced this question from others or asked yourself the same, you are more than likely in the minority.

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