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PowerHouse Peyton & The Annual Penny Drive


Today our little PowerHouse Peyton turns the BIG SIX! He kicked off his birthday early and spend the whole day swimming with his mommy yesterday. This morning he is sleeping in, hoping for ice cream and cake in bed to go along with all those hugs and kisses he’s going to get.

I want to thank you all again for all the prayers you’ve prayed for Peyton over the years. He wouldn’t have survived all the heart surgeries, medical treatments and recovered without you being there for him. He is a blessed little boy having so much love raised up and on his behalf. Our family is blessed to have all of you in our lives.
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Our Little Champion


Here is our little champion!! Thank you Father! I have no new news but here are pics of him resting in the NICU. Compared to his last two surgergies HE LOOKS REALLY GOOD! If you haven’t ever seen one, you are now a witness to a miracle :O) Please keep the prayers coming!!!

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