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Touch Up, Cover Up, Conceal

Gray away

Gray Away Root Concealer is my new best friend! This stuff is truly fabulous! I have very little gray hair but after using the So Gorgeous Volume Renewing Dry Hair Shampoo for a couple of days, I use the Gray Away Root Concealer to cover up any changes in my hair color and to add a little shine. It’s also great for blending and touch-ups between salon appointments. This stuff is amazing!! Continue reading Touch Up, Cover Up, Conceal

Soaking Up a Sunless Tan


If you love a nice looking tan but want to protect your skin from the dangers of the sun, a self tanning lotion is one of the best, least expensive options. Up until last year, I’d never used a self tanning lotion. Being very fair-skinned, I was fearful of looking like an oompa loompa straight out of Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory. Geesh…….how scary……no thanks!


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Chop It Ninja Style


I am on a mission! I love to eat fresh vegetables. I put them in everything from salads to soups and even better, I love to sit and eat them, just plain and by the handful. I’ve done this my whole entire life but after being diagnosed with numerous food allergies, including a intolerance to gluten, I’ve had to cut some fruits and vegetables out of my diet and then again eat a lot more of some others – YUM YUM!!!


This had me on a mission to find a good food processor to help with my daily task of chopping what I wanted to eat or add to my recipes.

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