Chop It Ninja Style


I am on a mission! I love to eat fresh vegetables. I put them in everything from salads to soups and even better, I love to sit and eat them, just plain and by the handful. I’ve done this my whole entire life but after being diagnosed with numerous food allergies, including a intolerance to gluten, I’ve had to cut some fruits and vegetables out of my diet and then again eat a lot more of some others – YUM YUM!!!


This had me on a mission to find a good food processor to help with my daily task of chopping what I wanted to eat or add to my recipes.

I wanted one that was small and chopped my bell peppers, carrots, onions and celery like I chopped them by hand, without turning them to mush. I wanted one that would make the perfect puree when making salsas and dips. I wanted it to chop and dice and even mince if I needed that for certain recipes. I wanted it to be powered by electric, not my hand (oh how painful this can be) and I wanted it to handle small and medium jobs, and carry a reasonable price tag.


My search proved to be quite the challenge because most electric food processors promise to do all of the above and carry a hefty price tag.


I took suggestions from everyone; I asked advice and spend a serious amount of time surfing the net, pouring over reviews of all kinds. My friends are the absolute best so I always want to get first-hand knowledge from them and see what they are using and how it is working for them.


Right around the time I started my search, I received The Magic Bullet as a gift. It promised to replace my hand food processor, my blender, and a coffee grinder if I’d had one of those but when I used the Magic Bullet, it turned everything to mush. It didn’t chop or dice no matter how big or small my pulses were. It pureed everything so it will definitely replace a blender but it doesn’t chop or dice vegetables.


Then someone suggested the Black & Decker Ergo 3-Cup Chopper. Online the reviews were mostly good with a five start rating. The most common complaint was about the cup cracking and having to be replaced over time, which for the price you couldn’t beat because the whole unit sold for just $9.99. I checked around and found it being sold at several of the local stores in our area so I purchased one.


It actually did a halfway decent job but I found that the blades were not sharp enough. When chopping carrots, the two blades wouldn’t cut all the way through the carrots sticks and it would lock up the machine causing me to take the whole thing apart to remove the carrot from the blade. This happened more than once and got pretty messy. I continued to use this but was back on the hunt for a better unit.


Grocery shopping one day at Kroger, I was walking down the baking isle and happened to look up. Most of you that know me, know that I am forced to do this often being only 4’ 11” but this day I looked way, way up, all the way up to the top shelf. It’s truly amazing what you find up there!!! Staring me in face was the Ninja Express Chop (NJ100). It was the same size as the Black and Decker that I already had but this had four blades. Okay so I must admit that at first it was the name ‘Ninja’ that was so appealing to me. My mind immediately raced to ‘numb chucks, karate chops and round house kicks’ I had to check it out so I said prayer, jumped up and down six or seven times, knocked the Ninja of the shelf and caught it before it hit the floor (yes I was that good) and discovered that it was not only four blade technology but it was also BPA Free. The Ninja had found a home!


I immediately put my new Ninja to use. I needed carrots, celery and onion for my stew. I needed green and red peppers for my salad and I needed to chop some nuts to go in my raspberry bread. I had high hopes for the Ninja and WOW did it ever deliver!! The Ninja by far exceeded my expectations. Literally in seconds, it effortlessly chopped my vegetables and to my liking, chopping them evenly, not too small and not turning them into mush. It has one touch pulse control and razor sharp blades so the more you chop, the smaller your foods gets. It chops, dices, minces, grinds or purees what you need for your daily meals. This will save you so much time and is also super easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher, which is an added bonus. What a value the Ninja turned out to be and for only 12.99! I am a very happy veggie choppin’ girl!

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