Cleaning Floors In Half The Time

Rubbermaid Reveal
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I love the Rubbermaid Reveal

I was in the market for a spray mop that would not only do a good job getting my floors clean but one that would allow me to use my own cleaner. Then I was out and about one day and spotted the Rubbermaid Reveal and, after reading the label, got super excited about the possibilities and the $20 cost.

This handheld blessing has totally cut my mopping time in half.

With the exception of our bedrooms and bathrooms, we have hardwood floors throughout our house and this makes for super easy cleaning going from room to room. > Doing a little dance here <

Another reason I love it is because it allows me to use the cleaning product of my choice, which enables me to customize the clean for each floor surface in my home so it’s great for the tile in the bathrooms and not just my hardwoods. Yeah Yeah!

Even the spray span is very impressive and the microfiber pad. It really had my floors sparkling clean in no time. The cushioned handle is even great. Check it out for yourself. This mop will be in our home for years to come.

A Few Tips:

– Remove blue foam at base of bottle when you pull it out of the box and put it together. It’s a part of the packaging but blends right in and prevents the unit from working properly if not removed.

–  If it stops spraying: (This may happen if the cleaner you’re using is thick) 1). Run the tip of the bottle under warm water (one minute) before inserting into the mop. 2). Fill the bottle with hot water and “prime” the mop by pulling the trigger 5-10 times to pump the solution through to clear any clog that may be present.

Find out more about the product HERE.

8 thoughts on “Cleaning Floors In Half The Time

  1. I know exactly what you mean, I recently purchased a steam cleaner for hard floors, which has made very light work of otherwise hard work. (I have 3 dogs and 2 cats) enjoy your mop xx great review by the way xx

    1. Oh my goodness, that’s wonderful and you have all those animals to keep up after. That is truly a job. Thank you for the compliment. What type of steam mop did you purchase? I’ve some about those.

      1. I have the H2O STEAM MOP X5 like yourself I have tried just about every sort of mop there is, but this one is for me the best, the floors feel squeeky clean, never had that before, having pets thats very important.

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