Christian Complacency

Original Air Date September 30, 2013

Jeremy Armstrong shares another fabulous topic with us. Check out what he says about Christian Complacency in our every day lives. What can you add to this?

4 thoughts on “Christian Complacency

  1. Jeremy,
    I am always blessed by your words of encouragement and hope on Coffee & Christ. Your thoughts today gave me grist for some fantastic tweets and some food for a blog post or two. Every day we are in the presence of the Lord and every day we can choose to share Him and reflect His love for us with everything we do. I also agree that there is so much more to this abundant life Jesus offers us than just keeping us from going to hell. You’re right. If we remain in the presence of the Lord church happens every day. replenishing us, resting us and rejuvenating us. You also struck a chord with me, and I’m sure with others, telling listeners we don’t have to clean up our acts before we approach God. He takes us “just as we are right now.” Great program, Jeremy. Great, inspirational, edifying, thought-provoking words to meditate on all day.
    Kerry, great show. Again! You and Coffee and Christ are such a blessing to me. This show is worth reviewing a few more times this week. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you and may God provide all your needs for this wonderful Coffee & Christ ministry.

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