We’re Talking Worship

If you know Jeremy Armstrong personally or have watched him on the Coffee & Christ show, you know that he knows how to get his worship on, not just for him but for YOU as well. He believes concretely and takes his relationship with God to the deepest level and it’s something that he encourages everyone to do. Check out what he says here about Worship and how it affects everyone in life, whether sharing or receiving. Is there anything that you can add to this conversation?  

5 thoughts on “We’re Talking Worship

  1. I have always wondered about that aspect and moment in our lives which opens up the spiritual path for us. What are those critical ingredients within us which ignites that commitment?


    1. I believe we are all born to live spiritual lives but we get caught up in the world and what it teaches us, what we learn along the way, not just from our parents but from our experiences and heartbreaks but I also feel that we alway have a critical want\desire to live the way we were created to live. Life is hard when a person is not living right and if there is a shred of hope or belief in their hearts, God will breath life into that.

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