Forgiveness & Moving Forward with Eternal Perspective

Original Air Date September 23, 2013

Rachael Jackson and Shattered Magazine are doing great things. We will be reading this magazine for years to come. I look forward to seeing it on the shelf of every grocery store. 

This show was extremely eye-opening as to way we should treat others in their time of need, regardless of the situation. I was blessed beyond measure having been a part of it.

5 thoughts on “Forgiveness & Moving Forward with Eternal Perspective

  1. I always get a takeaway or two every time Rachel is your guest. Today I was impressed with her message of forgiveness in the face of such tragedy as an intoxicated mother who wrecks her car and kills her children. We are all products of our choices and the consequences for the choice to drink that time will haunt her for the rest of her life. But it is not up to us to judge her for her bad choices or her disobedience. We have all made decisions to be disobedient and God forgave us. We need to show the same forgiveness to others, regardless of their choices or their actions. Nice show, Kerri, as always,.

      1. Great show. I’ll be up there this Thursday.and get with you on Friday. I’d like to meet up Thursday if only for a bit. I’ll be sending you my scripts today or tomorrow. Can’t wait!

      2. Okay, will do. I’m going to call Laurie tonight or tomorrow and see what works best for her as far as my immediate plans when I arrive. It should be around lunch time.

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