Seeing Past Your Nose

Brother Fred changes and transforms lives every day in everything he says and does. This show really opened my eyes and heart to a lot of ways we can all make small changes in ourselves that make the greatest difference in the lives of those around us. If what you see here impacts you, share it with others. Together we can make a difference around the world.

12 thoughts on “Seeing Past Your Nose

  1. This was sooooooooo wonderful and encouraging! Very insightful I must say! While I have been a blog follower of yours, I just so happen to be reading new posts and came across this one via Steven Sawyer. What a blessed friend he is! I look forward to reading more and watching. May your ministry be bless as well as those who are guest speakers sharing an encouraging word from the Lord!


    1. Thank you, Terra for your kind words and for watching our show. Steven is truly a blessing. We loved meeting him and getting to know him. We hope to not only learn more ourselves about the Lord and all He has to offer but to also inspire, reach and teach others along the way.

  2. Always a fantastic show and I got some good takeaways. Like,accepting people around me for who they are. I have a tendency at times to see others as I would have them be rather than who they really are. I guess that means I don’t at times see past my big schnoz. Thanks for reminding me to be a listener. Thanks for reminding me not to judge myself. And I loved hearing we are ALL saved by the same grace.
    I’m also now publishing your Monday broadcasts on my blog on Tuesdays. Also on my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
    Great stuff. Thanks Kerri for this ministry.

    1. Thank you, Steven. You are the best! I always look forward to hearing your comments because I know that you have the focus in life that we do – To educate ourselves and others about the incredible power of God and his love for us. I learn so much from doing these shows!! It’s amazing! Gods amazing! You’re a blessing!

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