Gossip & the Bible

Do you gossip? If so, in what condition is your heart that you feel you need to gossip? Or do you control your tongue and count your blessings and pass them on?  It’s important when you are talking about or with other people, to ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you being critical or are you being compassionate?

2. Are you being careless or are you being cautious?

3. Are you being Christ like or are you being self-serving?

4. And if you are saying it, would you be saying it if Jesus was standing with you?

5 thoughts on “Gossip & the Bible

  1. Love the music. It really spices up the introduction and the conclusion. Love the verses. I wrote them down to read them today. Every time Rachel’s on I get some good grist for the Twitter mill. Many times we attribute gossip mostly to women, but men gossip as much as women do. Unfortunately for the church sometimes we use prayer requests as as an excuse to gossip. When someone is going through a rough time or tragedy it is sometimes easy to spread their story around as a prayer request when the motive is actually to spread gossip. I’ve seen this at times. Rachel always brings good conversation and thoughts to the table. Loved the show. And I’m stealing some of her thoughts and quotes for my tweets.Love it. Great Show! I re-posted it on my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest board. :o)

    1. It’s very sad but this is the very reason why some people don’t go to altar, myself included. Church should be a safe place but that’s not always the case. Thank you for you comments on the show, I always look forward to hearing from you and working with you. YOU ROCK!

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