Giving God a Chance

I was really inspired after meeting Kevin Mosca and being introduced to the Adventist Motorcycle Ministries. What a powerful way to bring together a community, not only to help those in need but to share in the love of God and all He has to offer. Share this post to inspire others. It’s the littlest things that make the BIGGEST difference. 

8 thoughts on “Giving God a Chance

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Kerri. It’s amazing what we can learn and delight in as people the more we open our hearts to God and the Bible. As a person who is constantly finding ways to get closer to my own relationship with Christ, I found this to be quite interesting. I, too, appreciate what he said about checking out the culture of the Biblical stories to help you understand the Bible. Some people hesitate to read the Bible because it can be overwhelming. I think this might help a lot of people.

    1. Thank you, Gina. It’s great to hear others are learning from and enjoying the show because it has been very educational for us. Our goal was to keep it real and simple, using our own journey to reach those that are overwhelmed with understanding the bible and attending church so thank you so much for this comment!

  2. We serve an awesome God who can take someone like Kevin and use his life and his story to reach so many people. I learned a lot from this show and Kevin reminded me of so many principles of Truth about Jesus and the Bible. I loved what he said about checking out the culture of the Biblical stories to help you understand the Bible. That has been one of the single most important things to help me understand the Bible better.
    I’m going to reblog this on For His Glory. Thank you, Kerri, for another awesome show drinking love and life from the cup of Christ. God bless you and your ministry.

      1. I wanted to share with you and him just a few of the points he made that landed on me. I loved everything he said. What a testimony. It continues to amaze me how God uses guys like Kevin and me and our sordid stories of our past to reach people for Christ today. God bless you , Kerri. you’re doing a terrific job

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