Could This Be The Cause Of Your Suffering?


Over the last five years I’ve struggled with a variety of symptoms. I went from never being sick, with a daily routine of kickboxing, eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep,  to barely being able to climb out of bed in the morning with symptoms that were painfully debilitating and the doctors provided me with no answers. Over the next five years, standing 4’ 11”, I went from a size six of solid muscle to a size 00 with little muscle to speak of. I was wasting away and felt awful every second of everyday and had no idea what was going on with me. I walked out of every doctor’s office with a handful of prescriptions most of which were pain killers and muscle relaxers but never any answers.

My girl friend then referred me to a doctor of osteopathic medicine. A doctor trained in Osteopathic medicine believes that any variation from normal health has a cause, and that cause has a location and it is their mission to locate and cure whatever it is that is causing the problem without using drugs because drugs themselves are harmful, only treating the problem not giving a cure.

The first question the new doctor asked was “What do you eat?”

My answer, “I eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats”.

To which the doctor replied, “I want to know specifics, name brands, spices included, amounts in weight and the time of day you eat them”.

My first diagnoses – an allergic reaction to Gluten and a list of other food allergies pertaining to foods I was eating every day. I changed my diet and felt a little better but something still was not right so I started doing my research and learned of Candida Overgrowth. Candida is yeast that lives in harmony in our body until something throws us off balance causing the fungus to proliferate wildly. When Candida is allowed to build up in the body, over time a wide variety of severe symptoms can occur. Without proper treatment, the yeast overgrowth can be extremely dangerous.

The symptoms for Candida Overgrowth in the body (gluten allergies are one of them) are so numerous and seemingly unrelated that they can be confusing to both doctors and patients. The majority of people who suffer do not realize they have it until they become seriously ill, because Candida Overgrowth not only steals nutrients from the food that you eat, it then poisons the tissues with waste material containing over 75 known toxins. Here is a list of the symptoms.  Mark the ones that you have suffered from in the last month or so and count them up to see if Candida Overgrowth could be cause of you ailments.  How many did you count?

I suffered from 34 of the symptoms listed on here a daily basis. I am changing my diet starting NOW and I’ve already made a doctors appointment.

If you are suffering with:

0-4 symptoms = Indicates variations of normal living (unless persistent and severe).

5-9 symptoms = Indicates a Clear Pattern shows likely development of Candida Overgrowth.

10 or more symptoms = Indicates Strong Pattern and almost certain Candida Overgrowth.

Always take your health in your own hands and do your own research.

8 thoughts on “Could This Be The Cause Of Your Suffering?

  1. Bless your heart! What a horrific experience. I hope you will find your way through this. I have a dear friend who had a gluten allergy and has several other health issues. Wonder if any of this applies to him…

    You take care…well wishes and prayers…

    1. Thank you, Christian. It won’t hurt to tell your friend about it. I was shocked to find out that one of the major symptoms was Gluten Allergies. I am being treated for a Candida Overgrowth now but I haven’t posted anything because I’m still learning about it. Thank you for reading and good luck with your friend. Keep me posted if they share anything with you.

      1. My pleasure, Kerri. I’ll mention this to my friend if I can remember to…I only see him now and then. But you keep on learning and recuperating as best you can!

        I’ll bet you’re a real fighter when you have to be. Have a super day…


  2. I an a vegetarian and have avoided products with gluten for the most part for years. I have one minor problem with you list above. I think anyone over 40 could easily find at least 5 symptoms on there as I did.It is very informative though I have never heard of this before.

    1. Yes, I agree that a lot of people will show a few of these symptoms. i’d never heard of it before until my girlfriend suffering all of the symptoms I was dealing with was diagnosed as having it so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get tested. I eat fairly healthy now so we’ll see what happens when I tweak my diet. Have you ever heard of the GAP diet for balancing out the body, Xbox?

  3. Wow! I only know a little bit about foods with gluten in them and the reaction but I never heard of Candida Overgrowth. I have at least 20 of those symptoms! Sometimes I can’t even get out of bed and walk sometimes and I’m only 42. This is a great post and thanks for sharing. I’m definitely going to look into it.

    1. Thank you, Jeana. Today was one of those days for me – I just feel awful. What surprised me when I starting researching was the fact the gluten allergies is a symptom of Candida Overgrowth. Now I am on a mission to get my system straightened out. Good luck and please keep me posted. I will post more stuff about my journey.

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