Dry Hair Shampoo at its Best

049a2Washing, blowing drying, straightening or curling my hair every day is a chore just like it is for every girl. It takes up way too much time and does significant damage in the process but it is a much needed evil in maintaining ourselves and our want to look like we’ve just walked out of a salon.

My hair is fine, course and wavy, all at the same time and my scalp is extremely oily. For as long as I can remember, I have had to wet wash my hair every day like clockwork or it would be greasy and matted to my head within a few hours of waking up. YUCK!

Finding a dry hair shampoo that absorbed the oil without weighing my hair down, leaving it dull and lifeless, or without leaving a white powdery film on my dark tresses seemed next to impossible. Then, while out shopping AHHHHHHH I was introduced to So Gorgeous Volume Renewing Dry Hair Shampoo by another shopper who was an avid user.

Thank you, God. I put this beauty must have to the test with oil, sweat, odor –you name it, this stuff is amazing!!!

This dry shampoo sprays like hairspray so it applies evenly. I spray it on my hair and brush it through at night before I go to bed, and then in the morning I add a few curls with an iron or before I straighten my hair. This allows me the freedom to go without wet washing for FOUR DAYS!! I never thought this would be possible especially with my oily scalp and an active lifestyle that includes running and weight training on a daily basis.

So Gorgeous Dry Hair Shampoo not only smells good, it helps to keep the shape of my curls and makes my hair smell great day after day. This has become a daily essential for me, one of my favorite beauty products, saving me time, money and trips to the salon.

You can purchase this miracle worker at Sally’s Beauty Supply’s for around $7.

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