Get A Job And Keep Your Hands To Yourself!

Dear State of Alabama,

Why is it that those collecting welfare and food stamps don’t have to take a drug test? Why is it that they’re not required to take one (at random) and pass it to receive those benefits?

Oh yes, that new law that you are LOOKING AT PASSING….the one where you will pick a chosen few welfare recipients and drug test them allowing them to fail three times before totally cutting them off. If you cut them off at all. Are you serious?

First off, shouldn’t I << the one footing bill, << the hard-working tax payer, << the one being forced to support those that are not an asset to society, be the one to decide if and when they get cut off? Shouldn’t all of the hard-working tax payers have a say in this?

Let me tell you why this bothers me so much. I came out of a house of torture, filled with nothing but drugs, alcohol and rape and sacrificed to get a college education. I busted my tail, WITHOUT YOUR HAND OUTS or your help, to get a college education. An education that I paid for and earned for the credentials that qualified me for a job that I work every day. A job that I must point out, I had to take and pass a drug test to get and one I have to randomly take and pass a drug test to keep!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind helping others that are in need. I willingly help them all time, I pay my tithes, I volunteer, I run an annual penny drive >>> I help those that are truly in need > those that are truly trying to help themselves.

I have a real problem with is YOU taking money out of my pocket to financially support others that are too lazy to get a job and contribute to society.

6 thoughts on “Get A Job And Keep Your Hands To Yourself!

  1. I find this to be a strange view for a christian to hold? Assuming you find some people on welfare using drugs, doesn’t that make them an addict? Addiction is an illness, it needs treatment not punishment. Get your government to offer them treatment, if they refuse it, then you would have a case. You really don’t want a population of addicts with no income, crime is high already. I have worked with addicts and I wouldn’t want to walk an inch in their shoes let alone a mile.

    1. I’m sorry that you find my being a Christian and having this view strange. I am not opposed to helping others but I also know that the government here provides programs and treatment to those that want it. I know a lot of recovering addicts that have used those (free) programs to get clean and get their life back on track. There are a lot of free programs through the area churches as well but I feel (having fought my way through life to get where I am) that if it is a requirement for the working American to take a pass a drug test to enter and stay in the work force, it should be a requirement for those that are benefiting from our hard work by receiving that aid. Wouldn’t it be fair for a person that applies for aid, to be drug tested just like we are when we take a job and if they fail the drug test, require them to enter one of the programs available and be randomly tested as long as they are receiving that aid? You are right, they don’t need to be punished but neither should we. I don’t know I think there is a lot that we can do to change things and a still a lot that we can learn.

      1. Now, that makes a bit more sense. Drug testing is not a bad thing but as a device to stop welfare payments, it is, a requirement to enter treatment with the risk of payments being stopped if one doesn’t comply sounds much better.
        My experience of treatment programs is that they rely too heavily on medication for drug reduction when the much better (but way more expensive) is cognitive behaviour therapy. The church program option will not appeal to many, most addicts no longer believe in people, let alone God! I’m afraid it is a war we can’t win, just contain.
        I do enjoy your writing, despite some differing views. 🙂

      2. Thank you, Mickcgorman. Sometimes I see things and feel that we don’t help enough and then there are other areas where I feel we help too much and are still not making that difference or turning things around for good. I was just reading around your site. I look forward to getting to know you and reading more your post.

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