This is a post By The Rethinkers that I really enjoyed while reading on Mindseat today.  What an awesome read this is. Don’t just check it out here; check out the Mindseat website for more reads of enjoyment and inspiration.

I’ve tried to give you everything
I even gave My Son
Provided you a blessed life
Admired by everyone
Receiving seems to be your thing
But giving is a chore
You do not spread My wealth around
That’s what My wealth is for.

You ask for gifts of healing
For prophecy and such
But you don’t really trust Me
You love your wealth too much
I’ve a vision for this place
That only you can grant
Take me at My solemn word
There’s no such word as can’t.

I love a cheerful giver I
state that in My word
I will keep you all afloat
If you give undeterred
The devil has a stronghold
he hates it when we give
Kick the cretin into touch
And through Me learn to live.

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