God’s Miracles



This is my testimony. I am 17 years old. I just had to share this because my God has done so much for me and it’s too much to just keep quiet about it.


A while back, my mother nearly died at her job. Realizing this, she quit and we moved to Huntsville, Alabama. I always had Christ in my life, but was not always a true Christian at heart. Moving to Huntsville changed my life, and I became more involved in church and began seeking God in more ways then one. Soon though, my mother had financial struggle and we had to move back to Florida to live with our grandparents, who were already struggling, and here we suffered extremely. She couldn’t find a job, and when she finally did she hated it because it was in the same field she almost lost her life in. We then found out she had 88.8% neural damage done to her body along with having scoliosis and sciatica. Along with this, we were still struggling financially, and just couldn’t handle it anymore. My grandfather came down with cancer and recently had surgery and began going to the ER plenty of times afterwards…I knew there had to be a better life for us. We couldn’t live on like this. I wanted to be rich, I wanted to be a famous musical idol, singer and dancer, who loved God and just lived life to the fullest. So, I realized, I need to seek God. He is, was and always will be my only hope in life. So I began crying out to him, day in and day out meditating on his Word. Reading the Bible everyday, and praying to be rich and wealthy, for my mother to be healed, and for my life to change for the better. For more opportunities to open and that I could be a better person, an inspiration and show that all I did was have faith in God.


On some days, I got depressed, but I knew if I let depression stay I would never recover. I fought depression, studied God. I sinned when I shouldn’t have, and continued to ask God for forgiveness through it all. My 17th birthday was coming up in a matter of days and I repeated one thing the whole time and believed it. This one thing was “By my 17th birthday, I will have been blessed with everything I have prayed for. Everything that I have asked for will be given to me, and I will be free of this struggle for good. All of this will happen before my 17th birthday”. I kept repeating this…and little did I know it worked!


God answered my prayer! My mother went to work as usual, but on her way to work, she received a call saying she was a billionaire, and that the money needed to be secure but it was from an unknown source and it was legit. My mom called me as soon as she got the news, and told me what happened, and as I sat on the edge of my bed, I fell onto my knees and cried my eyes out saying thank you!! Thank you God thank you! Thank you for coming through! As of now, my mother is receiving treatment for her back and her results from each appointment comes back even better than before! My grandparents are living a retired easy life with the money we were able to supply them with! We have savings, are financially out of debt, and living our dreams! I’m an upcoming dancer (God’s gift to me) working with many choreographers, and being led to teach dance to many others in many places! I have vocal coaches teaching me how to enhance my gift of singing and soon will be having a jam session with my family and friends in Huntsville and I’m excited to show them what I’ve learned!


God has been so good to me, and he will never leave me. I always remember, nothing, no matter how crazy and insane it may seem, is impossible for God. I encourage all who see this testimony to know that having faith does not require you to be overly righteous or a complete saint. God knows us. We sin, we mess up, we do things that make us fall short of God’s glory. But, He will always forgive us, He will never forsake us. He will always do what is right and make a way out of no way. But in order for us to receive all that he has to offer, we must Ask, BELIEVE and Receive. I stress the importance of believing in your prayers and in your God. Never doubt anything God has to offer. Ask, BELIEVE and Receive. Faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen. Just because you do not see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I encourage all who have run to God, have faith in Him, and believe that He will bring you out of whatever circumstance you may be enduring. I hope this testimony has touched you. God Bless.
Jelan Henry – Author


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