Ten Steps To Healing Me


I’ve been thinking a lot about that list, the Top Ten list that I wrote about earlier. I find myself overwhelmed after evaluating my life. How in the world did I even get here? I feel as if I have back stepped in a lot of ways over the last ten years.

I’ve not spoke with my birth mother, my brother or my father’s sons in years so they are no longer an issue but I still feel like I have so much to sort out in my life, in my heart and in my head. Stuff I was sure I had sorted out already.

I’m a college graduate, I’m successful, I live right, I am better than the environment in which I was raised (or shall I say tortured), which are all things I have worked very hard to achieve. I take the high road when it comes to doing the right thing but I am still tormented by my childhood, the memory of it all. I am still beating myself up over the memory of that sad little girl who was never cared for or loved, that sad little girl with those big grown up tears.

Stephanie once suggested, in casual conversation, that I make a list of the top ten things that I want in a husband and that seems like a good idea if I was interested in dating but I’m not so I thought why not make a top ten list of things to change within myself.

I really feel that I just need to focus on me at this time in my life. That may sound selfish but it’s for all the right reasons. I am a flawed individual and I need to heal. I need to be a better me if I’m going to make a difference in the world and today is where I plan to start. Here are the top ten things I will change about my life. In no certain order, I will strive to do better in these areas. Goals Goals Goals.

  1. Pray daily

  2. Find a church and Research the Bible

  3. Stop entertaining toxic people

  4. Confront my past – All OF IT

  5. Forgive others and my self

  6. Learn to love being me

  7. Start talking about my past, make good out of it

  8. Knock Down Walls

  9. Help Others

  10. Spend more time with friends and Family

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