How Homelessness Happens

Warning: The following story may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

This morning at about 3:30am I was at a gas station talking to the guy who worked there when a lady came in to get some hot coffee. I started talking to this lady and after getting to know her I found out she was living on the streets (which was almost obvious because of what she was wearing).  Normally some one wouldn’t talk to a lady who looked like she did and I could tell by her urge to talk to me. I could tell life didn’t really play in her favor. I could tell by talking to her she had made a few bad decisions that stuck her there (not that I can judge because I don’t know her) I talked to this lady for at least 30 minutes because I didn’t have anywhere to be and she didn’t have anywhere to go.

We began talking about life and she went in-depth about hers. In my time talking to her it was great. I can’t deny tearing up a little and she cried but it was great. I showed her the love of Christ and I know she felt that.

You know, we as a society are pieces of crap. Life can really knock the breath out of you. We have no compassion on others. We are relentlessly hateful to one another. We “society” are uncaring, unloving and unkind.

This lady was raped by her step father and step brothers. She was condemned when her kids died and when everything went wrong in her life and she turned to alcohol she was tabooed from her church. She was the example of “what happens to you when you don’t have Christ” she was the “slut” because of what her father and bothers did. When she did what her friend told her to and went to church for help she was cast out and thrown away. She tried to kill her self and had to go to a hospital; be with crazy people and be treated like one.

You know you really don’t know what you’re doing to some one when you judge them or treat them unfairly. You really don’t know some ones life till you are them. You really just DON’T KNOW. The next time you get a chance to make a difference in some ones life do it! You might be their last glimmer of hope. You might be that one thing that makes them keep on keepin’ on. You might be the one person who has ever shown them love in their whole life. When all the time your taking the love people show you for granted. You never know what you might be doing to change some ones life or might be doing to make it even worse than it all ready is.

 In 2009, more than 37,000 Americans took their own lives last year more that 65,000 people in the US took their own lives. According to a study recently published one person every 40 seconds takes their own life. More people are committing suicide today than die in car accidents, wars, or any other natural cause added together.

I want you to ask your self something. Have you been that reason for them to make the choice to or to choose not to. If you died tomorrow in a car accident or something, how many people would cry over you? Would there be anyone saying “I’m glad their gone!” I know I can’t say I’ve never been the bad one but I do know tonight I made a difference! I can promise you this, I will always be looking to make a difference! Will you?

-Avery Reed

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