How Should I React When I Suspect Child Sexual Abuse

One more thing we should add to this is to reassure the child that they have done nothing wrong. Explain that the person who hurt them is a very sick, troubled individual and that they have not done anything wrong.

I want to add one more thing to this chart. While offering support to this child and telling the child, “I believe you”, we should also tell the child that they have done nothing wrong, and explain that the person that hurt them is a very sick, troubled individual. To implant and ingrain in them that they are not at fault and that they have done nothing wrong and have nothing to be ashamed of, this needs to be one of the first things that the child hears. Not only does it need to be said, it needs to be said on their level, looking them in their eyes so it resonates in their minds and rest in their hearts. 

I want to thank my fellow blogger friend, Mandy, for this. I actually found this picture on her site Writing Through the Monsters of our Childhood. Check out her articles when you get a chance, you will find lots of insight there as she shares her journey of healing.

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