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If you haven’t checked out Bloglovin’, you should! It’s all the rave with my readers so I took some time to check into it for myself and what I found is a site that makes it’s easy for me to follow all of the blogs that I read  in one spot.


Before Bloglovin’, I was following my favorite blogs either by an email notification, through the WordPress Reader (for WordPress blogs), or just checking in periodically into that blog when I remembered to. Let me tell you – that is A LOT of work and I was never able to keep up.


Now I’ve transferred my blogroll to Bloglovin’ so I can stay on top of all my favorite blogs and never have to miss a post! One stop to read all my blogs? Yeah, I’ll take that!


Here’s what’s great about Bloglovin’:

  1. You can see all the blogs you follow at a glance.
  2. Each blog you follow has a counter for the number of posts you haven’t read yet.
  3. When you read the post, it takes you directly to the blog, which supports the blog with “view” counts.
  4. It marks which posts have already been read.
  5. You can bookmark a favorite post by “like”-ing it.
  6. You can discover new blogs by browsing through “Popular Posts” or “Top Blogs.”
  7. If you don’t get around to reading all of the blogs you follow at once, you don’t have email notifications filling up your inbox.


If you follow a lot of blogs, take a few minutes to transfer them to Bloglovin’. It’ll really streamline your reading and organize your time.


To transfer your WordPress Reader to Bloglovin’ WordPress Reader

WordPress Reader Export

Then navigate to your Bloglovin’ Account and select ‘Settings’.

Bloglovin Settings

Scroll the the bottom of the settings page and select ‘Import blogs.

Bloglovin Import Blogs

Then select ‘Browse’ and navigate to the OPML file that you just saved.

Bloglovin Browse to Find OPML File

Bloglovin OPML File Saved

Bloglovin OPML File to import

Hope you’ve found this helpful!

Follow ME on Bloglovin’: Bloglovin' Icon if you haven’t done so already.

And enjoy your blessings today, my friends.


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