I Love

I Love

I love falling asleep to the sound of rain, its smell, summer showers, and forehead kisses.
I love books that I can’t put down, warm, crispy towels off the line, and finding quotes that describe my current situation.
I love seeing my favorite bands live, the boom of thunder; and lightning that lights up the sky.

I love songs that relate to me, words that speak to me and things that make me laugh.
I love finding a cassette tape that I lost long ago, getting letters in the mail and the way thunderclaps, leaving vibrations on my soul.
I love 5 pairs of my favorite jeans, the feeling when I take my bra off and the tickle of the grass between my toes.

I love feeling the sun shine brightly on my face, thunderstorms, the hiss of the wind, and catching my favorite movies on TV.
I love to watch the sun come up.
I love meeting someone who leaves butterflies in my stomach, when strangers smile back at me and a calm spiritual feeling in a crowded room or when I simply meet someone.

I love to watch the sun go down.
I love the boom of lightning, and knowing that even nature screams sometimes.
I love truth and the beauty that lies within courage, shedding tears of joy, photographs and the mysteries that they hold.

I love to learn and be inspired.
I love the pitter patter of little feet and the innocence that keeps them young.
I love rainbows, dancing in the rain and singing at the top of my lungs.

I love a nice cold cup of water when I’m thirsty, a hot cup of tea when it’s cold and sleeping in.
I love rainbows and the beauty of butterflies and the sound of crickets at night.
I love someone playing with my hair, spontaneous trips in organized fashions and a clean house.

The love the beach, playing in the sand or simply floating around the pool.
I love the sound of nature and all its life on a beautiful day, being naked when it’s warm and a soft breeze when I walk.
I love riding a bike and the smoothness of my legs after I shave.

I love great hair days and waking when the sun pops through the window.
I love moments that make me say ahhhhhhh….and the drive in my soul that keeps pushing me in the right direction.

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One thought on “I Love

  1. I have to admit that I can’t relate directly to some of what you write 🙂 . But those times when life is an open channel to God, without other stuff, are treasures amid a life that can at times be so demanding, demeaning and difficult. And I admire your willingness to inspire others with such deeply personal observations.

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