I’m going YONANAS!!!


HOLY MOSES AND THE FRUITY GOODNESS, BATMAN!!! This thing is ridiculously amazing!

It makes Heavenly raw banana based ‘ice cream’ effortlessly that dispenses directly into your bowl and since my bowl is empty now, I’m going to wiz through this blog post so I can fill it back up with some more goodness!  NO KIDDING!

There isn’t even a learning curve here. Simply freeze peeled, brown, ripe bananas and other fruits of your choice and when you’re ready for some lip smacking, taste bud bliss, break out your Yonana machine and in no time flat you will feel like you’re in the Heavens kitchen, sitting next to God himself, eating exquisite food that doesn’t even contain calories.  Yup! That’s right > it’s that super dreamy delightful!

We made our first batch with strawberries, which was SUPER delicious and we have since made a batch with bananas and blueberries and a batch using bananas and peaches. We loved them all!


The secret is to make one big batch and mix it together and then scoop out to serve in single portions. Start with one frozen banana and then add a handful of frozen strawberries, then add another frozen banana and then another handful of frozen strawberries and out churns delicious, whole fruit goodness.  It turns directly to ice cream textured perfection on the very first try. It’s truly that easy!www.kerrichronicles.com


Another plus is that you get to eat every bit of what goes into the Yonana. When you’re done adding the last handful of fruit, disassemble the unit right away, and you will find another small serving between the blade cover and the blade cone and some in the gasket too. Scrape it out and add it to the bowl. Then mix it all up to blend it together and serve.


Rarely have I encountered a product that actually does exactly what it is supposed to do and being so quick and easy to boot. My biggest challenge with having so many food allergies has been my love affair with ice cream, frozen yogurt and smoothies. All of that ended when I tasted my very first bite of the Yonana scrumptiousness!

And check this out, clean up is even a breeze. It is made of sturdy plastic but has metal blade that are easy to disassemble and clean with a quick rinse under the faucet. There’s no scrubbing required or needed.  You’d only have trouble if you didn’t rinse right away.

It’s loud but no noisier than a blender or a juicer. It would wake up the kids if you used it early in the morning. But not the neighbors and I don’t think the kids would mind once they figured out what you were making for breakfast.

This would make an awesome gift for someone who cannot have dairy or someone with a lot of food allergies.

Another added benefit, no more overripe bananas to discard. Now when I see them getting brown, I peel them and throw them in the freezer to add to my supply!

Overall, the Yonana is a fantastic product, that’s easy to use and a breeze to clean AND reassemble. If you want to eat healthier or just want to have a frozen treat ready at hand, give it a try! Have a party with the kids, stock up on frozen fruit and let the fun begin! Cost is around $50. Check it out HERE.

My grandbabies will never go home :O)

12 thoughts on “I’m going YONANAS!!!

  1. They have been around for sometime. The thing about them is that you have to watch the cost. Anything over $50 is way too much. I’ve seen them go for as much as $90.

    1. hahaha this is why I love my blogging family!! You rock girl! I’m so excited for you!! You’re going to love it! I bought some mixed fruit last night and used it with bananas and OH MY MERCY ME – I believe this would have Winnie the Poah trading in his honey bowl.

  2. I have never heard of this machine but I paid more that 50 bucks for my blender and I use it twice a day to make protein shakes with fruit. I will have to check this out, thanks !

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