PowerHouse Peyton – 11 Weeks After Winning the Fight


Good morning everyone. I want to say thanks to everyone for checking on Peyton with the phone calls and the emails. I have attached some of his latest pictures. He is doing really good, at 11 weeks old, weighing in at 5lbs 10ozs now. Still very tiny, the doctors are looking to do his next surgery (the Glenn) around the Thanksgiving or the Christmas time frame. There isn’t a date set in place yet.

I know that most of the pictures taken of Peyton are of him sleeping but that is just what Peyton does best, DURING THE DAY. Ha! He is definitely keeping Mommy and Daddy on their toes.

A nurse is still coming in to see him three times a week and he sees his doctor two days a week and there have been no problems or emergencies. Thanks to all of your prayers, God is touching Peyton with his very own hands.

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