I’ve Had Enough!

I was invited to be on the No More Dirty Television show, hosted by Frederick Whitlow II. I shared my testimony of growing up in a house where I was sexually abused over a period of thirteen years, how I overcame that abuse and how I am helping others today.

How are you making a difference in the world? What lessons have you learned? Are you channeling your energy for the good or are you smothering in your pain?

Lets help others heal from their struggles.

20 thoughts on “I’ve Had Enough!

  1. The ways in which God is continuing to use you to show and tell about God’s love for those who have undergone abuse in their lives. You are piling up the crowns you will receive for the wide reach and exposure you are affording those who need deliverance from abuse. God is richly blessing all those who have the opportunity to hear your testimony or read your encouraging words. I’m so grateful that you and I have met.

    1. I’m a teacher. An English teacher and I caught the sin of all sins in my comment. A fragment. An incomplete sentence to begin my comment. AGGGGHGHGHG! It will probably not matter to anyone but me. Proofread, Steve. Proofread! :>)

      1. Hahaha I didn’t catch it! OH MY GOODNESS THE ERRORS YOU’RE GOING TO GET ME FOR! We may have to agree on a slide rule in that there are not errors in our comments – none that count anyway :O)

      2. I only grieve over my own abuse of the English language. You’re safe. As is everyone else. I don’t correct anyone’s English language, written or spoken unless they’re paying me to do so as an editor or proofreader. :0)

    2. You are so kind, Steven. The pleasure of your friendship is all mine. I don’t feel worthy of His grace but I do feel honored to have been given such a task in life, God knowing I am a work in progress myself. I just pray to have the strength to continue, to not just educate others but also to learn and heal myself. God bless you, Steven. I’ve enjoyed our chats today!

    1. I am grateful that God crossed our paths as well. Your blog is a big deal, your making an impact and its one you’ll never truly know the magnitude of. Your making a difference in the lives of those that have yet to be honest with themselves, those that are facing their reality head on and those that are barely hanging on. You are their seed, their lifeline to flourish and bloom. Keep talking, Keep helping and keep healing and hold your head high while your doing it because God has you on this mission and what an honor that is!

  2. With tears running down my cheeks I listened to this, I am sure it will touch so many others going through the same pain. Like yourself I have turned the pain around, and feel so blessed that I am able to help others to do the same xx

    1. It’s really hard to understand or to even put into words but you are exactly where are you suppose to be in life, guiding and loving others as they struggle where you have once been. You have a great purpose and recognizing that is very courageous. I need to post more of them but there is a tab under ‘Journal Entries’ titled ‘Healing Kerri’ that contains actually writings that I wrote over the years when I was in my season of healing and at my lowest points just trying to dig my way out. It was so powerful when I read my own words and realized how much I’d grown and healed over the years and that was mostly from helping others so I just post them as I read through my old writings and find the one’s that touch the most. It’s almost like a reading a book about someone else life.

  3. I am always touched when I hear or read about someone who has been through some form of abuse, particularly sexual abuse. And I am so grateful to our Lord Jesus who alone can bring true healing to our hearts!

  4. Oh Kerri…we have much in common! I’ve indeed walked the same path but differently. To hear you say ‘I was in fear, all the time, I didn’t know what I was gonna get when I got home’ was so reassuring, I’m dealing with this this week (read my post today). Do you have any testimony to share about overcoming/coming out of being afraid, did it stay with you a long time?
    Thank you so much for sharing this. Your testimony was very inspiring, praise God for His amazing love!
    Much Love n blessings to you…your friend from across the pond 🙂

    1. Hi Isaiah, so sorry to hear that you are dealing with this. I will pray for you and please keep in touch, my personal email address is at the bottom of my ‘About’ page if you’d like to talk behind the scenes, private and confidential. Thank you so much for your kind words. I meet people every day that ask me these same questions about how I was able to overcome such a horrible childhood and function in the world today. My answer is always that it was a blessing from God. It was His plan and is the very reason why I started this site. Look under ‘Journal Entries’ and ‘Healing Kerri’. I started reading old journals and decided to type up what I wrote all those years ago and post them there from the beginning to end with the hopes of helping of someone. There is not much up there now but I will keep working on it as I am led. I am very surprised that God is using me for such a mission. I surely don’t feel worthy.

      My answer to your question about fear: I put it in God’s hands. I am not saying that it was easy by no means but I made it my mission. Fear for me was displaced after I got away from those that were hurting me, including my own mother. I really have no other explanation other than God but hope as I continue to have the time to post, it will help others.

      Much love my friend and feel free to email me anytime you want to talk.

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