No Turning Back

Turning Back

It started with a promise,
Our vows and wedding rings.
Like a story in a children’s book,
What a fairytale can bring.


Many years went by between us,
The lifestyle raised the doubt,
For you it’s one big party,
But me – I just want out!


What do you mean – you don’t understand,
Did the alcohol cloud your brain?
I am relieving you of your duties,
Removing that ball and chain.


It never made a difference,
All those times I voiced my care,
Searching anxiously for answers,
Wanting rescue from despair.


One more beer – One more cigarette,
Another pill for you to swallow,
If you keep wrestling with your demons, Love
Another vice – for you will follow.


By your side I stood for years,
With all the drama playing out
Your friends always before me,
My identity just cast about.


I’m battered down – I’m beaten up,
I’m broken and I’m torn,
Filled with years of disheveled memories,
And a love that I have mourned.


There’s no turning back now, Baby
Not a river left to brave.
The reality suddenly hits you
And your world becomes a grave


From the personal journal of Kerri Bishop Reece
written August 16, 2006
© Kerri Bishop Reece | Kerri Chronicles