Peyton’s Blessings

All of your prayers for Peyton flooded through the gates of Heaven yesterday and God handed down another blessing. Just a few hours after I sent you the email regarding Peyton’s critical condition, my daughter, Katelyn called and said the doctors closed up Peyton’s sternum, backed off the paralytic drugs and that Peyton was alert and looking around. I believe God is holding our little Peyton in his arms.

Peyton went into surgery with less than a 10% chance of survival. Now he has an 85% chance and the doctor said that if there are no complication in the next 17 to 24 hours, Peyton is going to be fine.

I am also mindful of how hard headed my daughter Katelyn has been all of her life. Anyone who knows her personally knows this. Every time we told that child not to do something – she did it. I believe that Peyton is hard headed just like his Mama. Who would have thought that that would be a blessing in disguise? God is an amazing man!!

The next step is to get him stronger and to bring up his weight to prepare him for his second heart bi-pass surgery.

Have a blessed day everyone.

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